Boston Marathon Featured Runners- Follow Up

Leading up to the Boston Marathon I featured a handful of runners each day.  We learned about their journeys, goals and got some great advice.  I took a little time to follow up on the results of each runner, and included the original link.  With tough weather conditions, I am happy to report all of our featured runners were able to finish.

It was a hard day for most, a lot of goal times left behind this race.  Thank you to each runner for taking the time to share you journeys and good luck on your next adventure!



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One thought on “Boston Marathon Featured Runners- Follow Up

  1. Hi Janell,
    Meant to follow up with you on my race. Like others the heat did me in. I threw out my time goal around Wellesley College and just focused on finishing and taking in the experience. Proud to say that I ran up each of the Newton Hills. My quads were trashed by mile 21 and ran-walked for 4 miles. I did pick it up the last mile and ran at goal pace to the finish. An amazing race and experience, but quite humbling. I plan to return to Boston and give it another go. I have several halfs and 10Ks I’ll be running this spring and summer. As always, grateful for being able to enjoy this sport and be part of the running community. Thanks for sharing our stories!

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