Weekly Recap- April 17th, Recovering from Boston Marathon

I did it! I ran the Boston Marathon. I didn’t exactly hit my time goal, but I feel very proud of the effort I put in on race day.  I am close, I will reach my goal.  After Monday, I didn’t get much running in.  Spent the week focusing on recovery.  Check out my weekly recap

Monday- Boston Marathon.  Check out my race report!img_2958

Immediately after the race I walked back to my parent’s hotel, showered and got some fluids. Even as an adult, when I feel yucky I just want my mommy to take care of me.   I put on compression pants and compression socks.  We went out to lunch, but my stomach wasn’t really ready to eat.  I ate about half a chicken breast and some salad.  The walk back to my hotel was about a mile.  It may have been a hot day for running, but it was perfect walking weather.  I think this was the best thing I could have done.  I felt so much better when we got back to the hotel.

img_2971  Once we got back to the hotel, Lululemon had a party! It was neat, we went down to the pool and had a drink.  Had a snack and hung around for a short amount of time.  Shortly after the after party, we walked over to Fenway to meet up with some friend. The Boston after party was pretty disappointing so we headed over to a restaurant/bar that had a roof top patio. After dinner/drinks is was already pretty late.  My husband and I went for a short walk and grabs some super burgers to take back to our hotel room. I really think the walking helped my legs feel good.



Tuesday- 0 miles

I slept so hard!  I woke up with sore quads, but overall felt surprisingly well. As long as I could avoid stairs, I was pretty much good to go.   We packed up and headed to the airport.  Once on the plane, I couldn’t get comfortable.  I really wanted to walk around more. After the plane ride, and long car ride, I  felt pretty crummy.  I took a bath and pretty much relaxed with my kiddo the rest of the evening.  I am lucky my husband was so sweet and helpful.  Taking in the luggage, walking the dogs and mowing the lawn as soon as we returned.  Tuesday was my worst day.

Wednesday- 0 miles

Back to work! I still struggled with stairs and hills. Luckily I work in a building with one floor.  I had some minor soreness in the morning that seemed to disappear as the day went on.  It was a long day back, because my kiddos had a track meet that evening.  Again, I think walking and being on my feet all day really helped with recovery. Under my work clothes, I did wear some compression shorts and socks.

Thursday- 10 minutes running

I got in 10 minutes of super easy jogging at track practice.  I didn’t even complete a mile.  After practice I spend some time foam rolling and stretching.

Friday-  0 miles

I did a bit of walking and yoga during my plan time.  In the evening I used the massage stick and foam roller.

Saturday-0 miles

I did zero running, but I think I did quite a bit of work.  I spend most of the day cleaning and organizing.  I packed away my daughters out grown clothes and shoes and got out all her new spring stuff.  My child has an insane amount of clothes and shoes. We also spent some time walking the mall and shopping.  My legs felt really good.

Sunday- 11.8 miles at 7:32 pace, total time 1:29:29

I was planning on getting up to an hour easy of running.  Some of the other girls were getting in their medium/long run in at a flat trail and I tagged along.  I planned on turning early, but felt good so I just kept going.   Aside from the heat, I felt good.

I took a week to really soak in the adventure that I was able to be a part of in Boston. I was a great trip. This week I am going to begin thinking about my goals and looking at a timeline and races to fill in.  I don’t plan on doing any big races until the fall, but I will probably hop into a local 5k or 10k throughout the summer.


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