Boston Marathon Featured Runner Q&A Hedwig van Bree

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I am excited to feature a different runner each day as we count down to Boston.  I love that each runner is unique, coming into Boston with a diverse background and goals.  Their journeys all lead to the same place.  You can read about my journey, Reflection and Countdown to the Boston Marathon.

Hedwig van Bree is another running blogger.  The neat thing is, her blog is in Dutch.  You can check it out in English by using google translator.

Check out her blog!

Twitter- @runhedwigrun

Instagram- @runhedwigrun

*Twitter and Instagram accounts are in English

Name: Hedwig van Bree

  1. Can you first, give us your Boston Marathon “story”

After 1 ran my second marathon (April 2016, Rotterdam Marathon, The Netherlands) someone told me with that time (3.27.23) I would qualify for Boston. I was surprised : I didn’t even know there are marathons for non-profs one needs to qualify for. This will be my first Boston marathon. After Rotterdam I had a very busy time because of moving houses so I couldn’t train the way I wanted…. I ran the Berlin marathon in almost the same time as Rotterdam (3.27. 28) so it feels I qualified twice 😉

  1. What does running the Boston Marathon mean to you?

It means so much to me now I know it’s a very special marathon. A lot of people have it on their ‘running-bucket-list’ and I ‘just’ qualified without being aware of how special that is. I read a lot about this race and after what happened in 2013 (when I just started running for 4 months) it makes me feel very humble I have the opportunity to participate in this extra special marathon.

  1. What do you look forward to most about running Boston Marathon?

To find out how hard running heartbrake hill is

  1. How will you define success, on race day?

First of all by enjoying the race even when I realize I can’t break my PB because I would really love to do that in Boston. However: I do realize this is not a ‘normal’ marathon so when I find out it’s too hard I will continue running but focus even more on the public, atmosphere and course

  1. Do you have a favorite piece of clothing or tech that you always use for training or racing?

I used to wear my shirt (my blog’s name) but since I became an Asics Frontrunner NL member I will wear one of those shirts: a tank top when it’s good weather and shorts… that’s what I prefer

  1. How has your training gone, leading up to Boston Marathon? Any advice?

It went really well but I am a bit insecure because I did train a bit different than before. My trainer ‘made’ me run lots of very low pace long runs… I almost feel like I can’t run fast any more 😉 This is why my advice is: stick to your plan also when you sometimes feel you need to do something else… Trust your schedule / trainer!

  1. What part of the marathon do you find most challenging?

The last 10 kms (6 miles?)

  1. What has been your favorite race (any distance) up until this point?

My first marathon ever: the NYC marathon which I ran in November 2015

9. Do you have a pre-race routine, ritual or good luck charms?

I always take 2 small items with me that belong to my 7 years old son an d 4 years old daughter; they are with me in my flip belt

10. What inspires you as a runner?Schermafbeelding 2017-03-20 om 23.03.02 (1)

Other runners; especially ordinary people who do extraordinary things (like my friend who is a mother of two and who ran a pb of 3.11.29 in Valencia!)

Check back tomorrow for our next featured runner!  You can wish Hedwig van Bree good luck and send her some positive words of encouragement for the big day, in the comment section below.  Don’t forget to check out her running blog and follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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