2017 week 13 recap-> 3 weeks until Boston Marathon

Finishing up my final long run and getting my biggest workouts behind me as me feeling like this….

final count down

I also kind of feel like this….

rookie of the year
“oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!”

I am really excited, it’s so close I can taste it.  For the most part, the hay is in the barn. Not a whole lot of fitness can be gained at this point.  Focus shifts to maintenance and recovery.  So that I can, hopefully,  perform at my best on race day.  Beginning to really narrow down my goals and think about pacing strategies. 

I had a goal in mind, and began to wonder if I could push that a bit.  I was certain my coach dreamswas going to tell me my goal was too aggressive, or at least it was risky.  I think I kind of got the opposite, he agreed with my goal time and thought that I could possible go under that time a tad.  I got similar reaction from 1-2 other running friends.  It’s pretty nice to have others believe in you, but I’m not sure I am really ready to believe it myself.  It’s scary.  It’s a good thing thought, I think your goals should scare you a bit.


Here is my weekly Recap

Monday-7.01 miles at 8:04 pace, total time 56:32

               Easy run, I got some of the early miles in with my track kiddos and then finished up the second half of my run through the neighborhood.  I thought my legs might still feel a tad tired from Saturdays progressive run, but luckily they did not.


Tuesday- Track workout, prescribed 2 mile warmup+ 4 x 1.5 miles @ 5:55 to 6:00 pace(2 minutes recover) +2 mile cooldownimg_2820

I felt good this workout, I was nervous going into it.  When I saw it loaded, I was pretty certain coach was trying to kill me.  Luckily it was that perfect balance.  I was pushed, but comfortable.  I was tired, but my running was smooth and so was my breathing.  I finished confident I could complete 1-2 more reps.


Wednesday-7 miles at 7:55 pace, total time 55:30

Easy/recovery run.  I ran most of this run through the grass as my track kiddos played their favorite game “infected.”  I am really lucky to have such an enthusiastic bunch this year, it makes coaching fun. I finished off my run through the neighborhood again.


Thursday- Workout, prescribed 2 mile warmup + 3 sets of (600m, 600m, 400m) at 5:40 pace (no faster)  45 sec rests.3 minutes rest between sets. + 2 mile cooldown jog.

Squeezed in another workout this week, I wasn’t sure if my legs would be dead going into it.  I don’t this they were.  Higher intensity than Tuesdays, but super short.  It almost felt like we had skipped part of the workout or misread it when we were done.

Friday-4.52 miles at 8:13 pace, total time 37:07

Easy run today, I had 5 on the schedule and got 4.5 done with the track kiddos.  It was a long work week and I let myself skip the last half mile of the run so I could head home.

Saturday- 22 miles at 7:31 pace, total time 2:45:39

This was it, the big one! The weather was pretty decent and I met a friend at a trail that I don’t run very often so it was a nice change in scenery.  The biggest challenge of this run, was boredom the last couple of miles. It’s all down-hill from here.

Sunday- Scheduled Rest Day

Its hurry up and wait time, luckily to ease my pre-race jitters, my students start state testing (MAP testing) this week.  I’m not sure what I am more stressed about.  img_2805

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