Reflection and Countdown to the Boston Marathon

I am so super excited about my upcoming opportunity to compete in my first Boston Marathon. The buildup between my qualifier at Kansas City Marathon, in October 2015 and race day seems like forever.  It has been a journey and I can’t help but feel all kinds of emotions as I look back.


For many Boston runners their longest runs and hardest workouts are behind them.  Tapering madness is beginning to set in as we obsess over the little things, like race day temperature and logistics.  You can ask many of my running friends, the panic and anxiety has already started.

For me, Boston is so much more than a destination.  The Boston Marathon has been a journey.  Every training cycle is an opportunity to learn and grow as a runner.  I have had some really awesome break-throughs and some bumps along the way.  My journey has  included; starting this training cycle later than I planned when I caught pneumonia and bronchitis the same week I planned to start working with my new coach.  I reached new highs, including tackling workouts I never thought possible, weekly mileage higher than I have ever run before and a shiny new 10K personal record.  Training was interrupted with illness to myself and family, and panic set in when I injured my ankle.  I was challenged through many runs and workouts, including a super tough and competitive 5k that I can reflect back on very confidently as a great personal challenge of mental strength.

I am so lucky to have such amazing people rooting and supporting me along the way.afe9697e-8aa6-43c6-8a54-70281705c069  I absolutely could not balance training without my husband’s support, sometimes arranging his busy day so that I can fit a workout in.  I have so many amazing running friends that have pushed me through workouts and shared my ups and downs of training. I am thankful for each and every one of them.  I look back on my choice to work with my running coach and say it was the smartest training choice I have made.  If you are in the Kansas City area, I would highly recommend working with Coach Jeremy Hammer, owner of KC Endurance.  He has added structure to my training, pushed me outside of my comfort zone and help me keep my sanity when things went wrong. I have been showered with support and well wishes by my colleagues, friends and family.  Thanks to my girl Diana I have an amazing opportunity through Lululemon, vaulting my trip to Boston to a whole new level. I can’t wait to share more about that soon! #runlikeaBOS

The Boston Marathon represent more than just a race to many runners.  Boston Marathon is THE bucket list marathon.  The Boston Marathon has an amazingly rich history, as the oldest marathon in the world. I look forward to running the same course as many of the greatest runners; past, present and future.  The history includes amazing showdowns like the “Duel in the Sun” between Salazar and Beardsly.  Pioneer women athletes Bobbi Gibbs and Kathryn Switzer.  American greats such “Bill Boston” and Meb Keflezighi.   The Boston Marathon also represents a sense of pride and strength and perseverance for the running community after 2013. Boston Marathon is an amazing gathering of the running community.  I’ve been told by many that there is an amazing energy in the air the weekend leading up to the marathon, unlike any other race. I can’t wait to experience that. The Boston community does an amazing job hosting this event, it is an event felt by everyone involved.  The course itself offers runners the opportunity for a personal record, and yet a challenge the can bring even the most experience runner to a halt.  I can’t wait to experience the crowds, the Wesley scream tunnel and to challenge myself through Newton’s hills.

I don’t know how I will feel come race day, I can imagine it will be a whirl wind of mixed emotions; overwhelmed with anxiety, humbled by the experience and pride.  All have already been a part of the journey.  I know I am going to try my very best, whatever race day brings me, while taking in the experience along the way.

As we count down to Patriots Day, I am going to be doing a Q&A with runners who will be toeing the line at Boston.  I am really excited, as I feel like these runners showcase some of the diversity that will participate in the Boston Marathon and our amazing running community.  We have first timers and streaks, runners on waivers, charity runners and qualifiers.  I love how unique each runner’s answers are, and yet they all still have those similar attributes that make our running community indescribably amazing.  A true reflection of why I fell in love with the running community.

Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to stop by and read about our different featured athletes and wish them good luck!

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  1. You’ve captured the buzz, emotion and excitement of this city so well. Best marathon in the greatest city Here’s to an amazing race in 16 days #beboston #baa #teambidmc #treadstrong

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