2017 week 11 recap- 5 weeks until Boston Marathon

               I was so excited for this week. I was going to make this a super, running week.  I had plans to really focus on recovery and strength training.  Spending my spring break doing all the little extra things so that I could finish my last couple weeks strong.  Well, things didn’t go as planned. I ended up hurt and laying around most of the weekend. Here is my super short, weekly recap

Monday-Scheduled rest day

Tuesday- Double Dip       

               Morning run 4.00 miles at 8:00 pace, total time 32:00

               Afternoon run 8.36 miles at 7:49 pace, total time 1:05:23

I felt great today and was really pumped to get some bonus mileage in with a friend.  It was pretty cold, but I was looking forward to the nice weather coming in.

Wednesday- 2.49 miles at 7:35 pace, total time 18:49

Since we are on spring break, I was able to go to our local store group run. I love joining this group.  A few miles into the run I got my feet tangled up with another runner and went down.  I ended up rolling my ankle cause a sprain.  I was glad I had people along, and that I was able to get a ride back to the store and ice on my ankle quickly.  Unfortunately, it still swelled up pretty quickly. I put on a compression sock and headed home.

Thursday- Unscheduled rest day

I woke up and my ankle was HUGE, this terrified me that I had done something bad.  I could barely put weight on it.  I laid up on the couch and ice pretty much all da.

Friday-Unscheduled rest day

 I was able to get in to see my favorite physical therapist.  We weren’t able to do much, because it was still so swollen and I was still not able to put much weight on it.  We did some non-weight bearing movements and more ice.

Saturday- Unscheduled rest day

The swelling went down a lot today and I was beginning to move around a lot better.  I was hopeful that I could run Sunday, but my physical therapist wanted me to wait another day.

Sunday-Unscheduled rest day

Most of the swelling was gone and my ankle just looked sort of discolored.  I was able to walk pretty normal.

I am getting some running in this week and am optimistic that I will be back to regular training this weekend.  I know that less than a week off of running, wont impact my fitness much, but it hard not to feel like you are getting slower and slower by the day.  Runners need to run.  It keeps us sane. 

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7 thoughts on “2017 week 11 recap- 5 weeks until Boston Marathon

    1. Thanks, I have KT tape and plan to give it some extra support while running. I have also been wearing compression socks to help with the swelling


  1. I hope you’re running again soon. It was really smart of you to go to the PT ASAP and to stop! So many runners don’t know when to stop and will train through an injury, but no run or race is worth that. Hoping you get back at it this week and last week was just a fluke.

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