Invitation for Guest Bloggers

Runcanvas is growing, and I love it.  I want to offer a wider variety of knowledge and expertise to readers. That’s why I am ready to open up to guest bloggers.  If you are interested, check out the details below.

What kind of articles is Runcanvas looking for?

  • High quality original content, not published elsewhere
  • Approximately 750-1250 words in length. Length driven more by content and less by word count
  • Content related to running. I would really love to reach bloggers with niches that are related to running, such as; physical therapy, coaching, weightloss, yoga, nutrition, strength training and anything entertaining or funny.  It must be complimentary to running and endurance training
  • Someone who will be available for comments after post is published. This is typically 3-7 days in length.  You can post through runcanvas, but it is better to post from your own blog site that way the readers can identify you and follow up on your site if they like the content

Benefits for you, the guest blogger

  • Share content with a new audience.
  • Exposure-Quality content will drive readers to your blog
  • Build and expand your writing portfolio.

Agreements between Runcanvas and Guest bloggers

  • Runcanvas has the right to oversee all posts on Runcanvas including; amending typos and requesting revisions. This is not an attempt to control your writing voice, but to uphold the quality of content that Runcanvas wishes to create. Runcanvas will respect your writing and creativity while maintaining my vision for the growth of Runcanvas blog
  • Your post become a part of Runcanvas, written and published only on Runcanvas
  • Runcanvas and Guest Blogger will both promote post on Social Media
  • Links- Feel free to include links promoting your own website and content. You may do so with in the text, as long as it fits the topic, and/or promote your blog at the end of the post. No irrelevant links or affiliate links will be allowed
  • Guest blogger will include picture and brief introductory paragraph on all guest posts. This helps the readers identify guest blogger and get to know more about you. This can be helpful in driving traffic to your blog. I believe it’s also important in giving credit to the author

Last Day for submissions is Wednesday February 22

If you are interested please fill out the information below

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Avid Runner, mother, wife and teacher. On a wonderful journey, taking it one mile at a time.

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