2017 week 9 recap-7 weeks until Boston Maraton

Wow, this was a crazy week.  I struggled through fatigue and illness most of the week, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to the starting line, of the 10K I signed up for.  Luckily, some rest was exactly what I needed and I ended up with a 48 second PR!

KC Running Company Racing Team taking home lots of hardware, including 1st place Overall Male and Female!

Check out my weekly recap

Monday-10.1 miles at 8:03 pace, total time 1:21:19

               Today was the first day of track practice for my middle school kiddos.  Which means, I start my workouts at 4:30 am now.  I started strong a fizzled out quickly.  I attributed it to not being adjusted to my morning schedule yet. Afterwards, however I felt very sick.

Tuesday- Unplanned double dip

               6.53 miles at 7:21 pace, total time 47:59

               3.01 miles at 7:33 pace, total time 22:43

               I had a work out planned this morning.  I was supposed to do a sort of blended tempo/track workout. Starting with a warm up, some tempo miles and then 200m and 400m repeats.  I met a friend at the track this morning, and we completed our warm up and struggled through our tempo miles.  There were two teachers, who and been walking the tack who alerted us that the cops were at the school.  They were looking for some crazy guy running loose on the school grounds and they suggested we head back home.  So we did.  My legs were pretty happy to end this workout.  I was struggling through what should have been a regular maintenance work out. Again, after this run I was pretty sick.

               To keep my mileage up, I got in 3 easy miles with my kiddos during track practice. I was feeling super drained after this run, and instead of finishing a couple miles after the kiddos left, I decided to head home and get some rest.

Wednesday-Unscheduled Rest Day

               Set my alarm so I could get up and get in my prescribed morning miles, and felt like complete crap.  My head hurt, my body ached and I was afraid to eat breakfast.  I decided to get some extra sleep and see if I would feel more up to running later in the evening.  As the day/night went on, I felt worse.  I kept hoping I would feel well enough to get something in.  Just a short, easy run in.  It didn’t happen, and I was up most of the night, not feeling well.

Thursday-4.09 miles at 8:30 pace, total time 48:10

               Feeling well enough to run, but not great.  I struggled through this 4 miler.  I just lacked any energy at all and was beginning to think I wouldn’t make it to the starting line on Sunday.

Friday-6.01 miles at 8:01 pace, total time 48:10

               Still feeling a tad drained, but pace and effort were much better compared to the previous day.  I was eating a lot better today as well

Saturday- 4.02 miles at 8:02 pace, total time

               Woke up in a pretty good mood.  Had a great nights sleep and the weather was beautiful.   I was sad I only had 4 miles on the schedule.  Gave me a lot of extra time to play with my kiddos in the afternoon, though.

Sunday- 17.25 total miles,

               2 miles warm up+10k race+9 bonus miles

               The weather was a tad cooler than expected this morning, I was glad.  The wind was killer though.  My friend and teammate joined me for an easy 2 mile warm up, and then some quick team pictures before the race.  It was a great course for a PR.  Mostly flat, with only one “hill”.

The race took off and we were quickly headed into the wind.  I was close to a male team mate of mine and tucked in behind him.  We were definitely going faster than I had planned.  The first two miles went by quickly, and I felt pretty smooth.  Mile three was a huge change, there is a gradual climb up to a bridge.  It wasn’t super steep, but it seemed to go on forever.  I fell back from my team mate and began to fade.  When we came off the hill, I settled back into a pace that was slightly slower than I wanted to be going.  The course turned down hill into a long straight away into a pretty strong headwind.  I decided to make a push effort to catch back up to my team mate so I could draft.  He has about 20 meters or more ahead, so I felt like I had a significant change in pace.  I am so glad I did, because when I caught up and tucked in behind him, I felt like I was able to get a second round of energy.  I began to look forward to the turn around, so we could have the same long straight-away with the wind pushing us.  I seriously felt no push, instead I just got really warm when we turned around.  I noticed our pace did begin to drop as we head back to the bridge and toward the finish line.  Each mile a tad faster than the one before. We got to the bottom of the bridge and we began to really push, I could hold on to the final sprint that he had but I felt so good, because I knew I was looking at a pretty good PR.  I ended up finishing the race in a time of 36:46, 48 seconds of my previous 10k time. 1st overall female for the race too.

Afterwards, we did a few cool down miles along the course.  As the other runners began to finish the race and the roads were being reopened we decided to head to a flat non-technical trail to give our legs a break from the concrete and it was a safer area.

I am really loving our KC Running Company team this year.  I definitely took huge advantage of my smaller size, and drafting off my teammate.  I would like to think I was able to help him as well.  I know he didn’t want to get “chicked” and it made the final mile a little more fun.  Plus, the group as a whole has been really fun and supportive of each other.  Its going to be a great year!

I was also, glad to get support and reassurance from my coach when my health seemed to be going south.  I was pretty stressed about missing the runs.  After the race, I texted him about some last minute changes for next week also. I love being able to shoot a message to him and he’s been very accommodating to my schedule and life events. A coach is so much more than a pre-made plan.  I am really seeing the many advantages of working with a coach that fits.

Feeling drained this week, I think that is to be expected.  Some minor aches and things I will hopefully get worked out before next weekend.  

How is your training going?  We are getting into the early stages of springs racing season, whats on your schedule?


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One thought on “2017 week 9 recap-7 weeks until Boston Maraton

  1. Congratulations on the race! Glad to hear you are feeling better. There seems to be some weird bug going around everywhere, I keep hearing of people getting sick. Nice mileage even when you were feeling poorly!


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