Let’s talk about streaking….


NO, I am not talking about running through the quad and into the gymnasium.  I am talking about a running streak.  A running streak is running at least one mile, every day.  Your run streak is however man consecutive days you can continue this trend.  It’s pretty neat to hear about the extreme run streaks that some runner have going on.

I have a few running friends that have built up a run streak that last more than a couple years.  So, do I run streak? No, I do not. Run streaking, is just not for me.  It is not something I have any interest in doing.  I was drained this week, I ended up feeling sick and down-right awful.  I lost sleep and missed work. This week was a great example of a time, that running would have done more harm than good. Here are a few of my reasons, for not streaking;

  • I need and very much respect the recovery process. I have written about this numerous times already.  Growth doesn’t come from the workouts, it comes from the recovery after the workouts.
  • Streaking doesn’t help me reach my goals. If your goals are to increase speed and run faster times, streaking could impede your performance growth. There are days, like this week, when running causes more harm than good.
  • My body is just not built for streaking. Not all runners are created equally.  I am not just talking about some runners being naturally faster than others.  I am injury prone.  Taking days off allows me to work harder and stay injury free.
  • I need mental breaks, as well as physical. At one point, I was burnt out on running. I don’t want to feel that way again. I don’t running to become a chore that I dread.  Those days off are a break for me mentally, just as much as they are physically.
  • Too much work for one mile. At some point run streakers will run as little as one mile. For me, the work to get dressed and make time for one mile isn’t worth it. At this point in my training, that one mile doesn’t really have any positive effect on my training. Too much work, for junk miles.


I am not saying, run streaking is bad.  I think it’s pretty neat.  I participated in a month long run streak, and that was enough for me.  If you are considering trying a run streak, please take steps to participate safely.  Here are a few posts that discuss the positives of run streaking and how to join safely.

7 tips for a successful #runstreakrunstreak

How to complete a run streak safely

Let’s talk about it! Do you run streak? Why or why not?


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10 thoughts on “Let’s talk about streaking….

  1. Great points and after trying a year long run streak last year, I completely agree. I actually made mine a minimum of 2 miles per day because, to your point, getting ready for a 1 mile run takes longer than actually running a mile. Personally, I also doubt the validity of really extending a “running” streak by just running a mile…I’ve heard of people jogging through an airport to get their mile. On any given day at the office, I will cover 1-2 miles in steps, does that count? But, anyway I had to end mine at 167 days after the minor aches and pains were becoming more than minor. I had ran the day after running a marathon a couple times and that was brutal. Finally reached the point that for me it just wasn’t worth it. I do admire those that can keep it going if it works for them and I do follow a few amazing “Streakers” that are several years. Just not for me. Great post!

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    1. I know… sometimes it takes me longer to get dressed than it takes to run the mile. Especially in winter with layers, and reflective gear, etc. And no. your 1-2 miles at the office do not qualify as a run streak. Running at an airport does count. I tried the 2 mile minimum but my body responded with aches and pains so I dropped to 1.25 miles and it seems to be perfect for me. Cheers!

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      1. yep, of course i was joking with the 1-2 miles at the office!! personally not going to be trying a streak again anytime soon but it is fun to read about others…cheers!!

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      2. For real, I get in 5+ miles in a day at work. Really helpful when I need so walk out some soreness from hard runs and long runs.

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  2. I confess, I am a Streaker. I didn’t plan to become a Streaker , it just kind of happened. Like most Streaks, mine started as a short challenge. I didn’t plan to become addicted.
    As you mentioned, streaking is not for everyone. Everyone is different, some people are built for speed, others for distance and some just enjoy running socially. It takes a special kind of crazy to run every day.
    For the last 2 and a half years I have laced up my shoes every day and deliberately ran at least one mile. It takes careful planning to balance training with Rest days. That is where the One Mile Minimum comes in. For awhile I tried to run 2 miles every day but my body responded with various niggles and pains so now I run 2k ( 1.25 miles) once or twice a week at an easy pace. Your body will still recover if you follow a hard workout with an easy day.
    Because of the Streaking I have discovered the magic of Active Recovery. Running the day after a big race really aids in recovery, but again the key is running at an easy pace.
    I respect that you need a mental break from running. I totally get that, but it is different for me. I thrive on the mental challenge of doing whatever it takes to get out the door and running every single day.
    I look forward to having at least 15 minutes to myself every day, to unwind and sort out my day. You call it Junk Miles, I call it stress relief. It might not be beneficial to my training but it doesn’t appear to be doing any harm either.. and it keeps me sane. Everyone is different and it is good to embrace our diversities.
    I will never be an elite runner ( I am not built for speed, but apparently I am built for streaking) but last year I really focused on getting faster. In 2016 I took 4 minutes off my Half Marathon time, 3 minutes off 10k, and 45 seconds off my 5k time and almost a minute off my fastest mile. I am not expecting any big gains this year in any of those distances. Currently training for my second marathon with an achievable goal of running it faster than my first one.
    I don’t know how long my streak will continue, but for now I see no reason to stop.
    I appreciate your point of view regarding streaking, and just thought you might be interested in seeing it from my perspective.
    Good luck with all your goals.


    1. yes, I absolutely understand. I run with guys who are sub 2:50 marathoners, on 3 year an 8 year running streaks. It works for them. They run 90+ miles per week and some days they will do as little as 1 mile. They love it. I don’t believe its wrong, I just choose not to. I am so glad you responded. I love discussing differing opinion and respect yours very much. Keep it up, and thanks for your input.


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