2017 week 9 recap-7 weeks before Boston Marathon

Completely unrelated to running, but this week was my baby girls 4th Birthday! We had a fun birthday filled week. 


It was a busy week, and the second part of the week I struggled with fatigue, tummy issues and general aches and pains.  Some minor knee pain is still lingering, but improving each day.

Here is my week 8 recap

Monday-Rest Day

Coach gave me a rest day, after reaching my biggest weekly mileage ever.

Tuesday 8.16 miles at 7:51 pace, total time 1:04:03

Tired legs, but overall easy run.  It was kind of fun, it was a nice day and I saw a handful of students along the way.  It’s funny how excited and surprised they get when they see me run.  Like, all my stories and medals in my classroom, were make believe. Ha!

Wednesday-10.8 miles at 6:52 average pace, total time 1:14:04

Workout-2 mile warm up, 6 miles of alternating pace (half mile at 7:00 pace, 1.5 miles at 6:15-6:20- 4×200 repeats then 2 mile cold down.

My last group run for a while, and I got in a pretty good workout.  After the run, however, my knee really started hurting.  I was up with tummy troubles most of the night and left me pretty flat the next day.  I even turned down post-run margaritas.

Thursday- 8.02 miles at 7:58 pace, total time 1:03:53

My knee was still bothering me, and I felt pretty crummy from the night before.  So I actually bagged this run earlier than planned.

Friday- 5 miles at 8:03 pace, total time 40:16  

I got my run started later, than usual.  With the dark, and Friday night traffic I decided it was safest to hit the dreadmill for the evening.  I got in 5 easy miles, while watching Big Bang Theory and spent some time in the Hydromassage bed.  It felt so good, I think I need to schedule a full massage in the near future.

Saturday- 18.1 miles at 7:52, total time 2:22:22img_2552 What a crazy day, finished off with a great run. We had a long drive out to my niece’s birthday party and then all the craziness of baking cupcakes and goodies bags for my daughter’s birthday party.  The long run ended up being a great quiet and stress free time for me.  I actually dreaded needing to get the run done, all day.  When I actually got started, I felt light and full of energy. When I was done, I felt similar to how I would feel on a short easy run.  Got to love days like that.

Sunday-8.13 miles at 7:52 pace, total time 1:03:55

Another easy run, after all the birthday party craziness.  I met up with a friend and we cruised through 8 easy miles.


Track season starts this week for our middle school kiddos.  I really love coaching, but it becomes a big time commitment. Balancing track, running, family and work will become more difficult.  I am so very lucky to have such a supportive husband that allows me the time and understanding to be so involved

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