2017 Week 4 recap- 12 weeks until Boston Marathon


               I don’t know about you guys, but burying myself in all things running has been a huge escape from the political junk going on.  Focusing on my training has been a great stress reliever, also.  So without too much build up, here is my weekly recap.

Monday-6.01 miles at 8:05 pace (48:39 total time)

 This was a miserable run for me, and very disappointing because I was looking forward to my run all day. Temperature was nice, however, I underestimated the wind factor and my extremities were frozen the entire time.  I also ran a route that had no wind blockage making things worse.  Luckily, it was a short run and I did survive.

Tuesday 10.6 miles with average pace of 7:14 (1:16:54 total time)

Paces for the “tempo/interval” portion of the run.  (6:06, 7:05, 6:05, 7:09, 5:58)

Today was a blended tempo/interval style workout.  I was prescribed 2 mile warm up, 5 miles of alternating speeds with no rest, 4 x 30 seconds sprints and a 2 miles cool down.  To save time, I ran from work and chose a route that had a fair amount of elevation change.  I kind of liked the added challenge of the hills.  It made me work on consistent effort while working toward a goal pace.  We did end up with the fourth mile feeling like it was uphill the whole way, giving us little sense of rest or recovery.

After the workout I was prescribed a small amount of strength exercises.  Coach pushed up some of the weights from 20% to 30%.  Which was fine for most exercises except bent over rows.  My bird arms could barely complete 3 reps so I went back down in weight.  I completed 2 sets of Squats, bent over rows, lunges, skips for distance and fast feet.

Wednesday- 8.01 at 7:37 (1:01:03 total time)

Easy run from my favorite local store, KC Running Company. It was an enjoyable group this evening.  The best part is I was able to snag a pair of shoes from the sales rack! Not that I really need more shoes, but I wanted them ha!

Thursday- 8 miles at 7:53 pace (1:03:03 total time)

Easy run, I was busy with work and family stuff so I wasn’t able to get outside at a reasonable time. I headed to the gym and ran some easy miles on the treadmill.  Funny story, I was able to make two new friends.  Two gentlemen showed up about two minutes after I started running.  They were deciding how long to walk for, and they decided they would walk as long as I was running.  They were certain I was going to be done in thirty minutes or less.  I was completely oblivious at the time, because I had my headphones plugged in and was fully invested in an episode of Big Bang Theory.  When I got done, the gentleman began to cheer and clap.  As we cleaned up the machine they let me know that was their longest treadmill session and that they were waiting for me to finish.  They asked when the next time I was coming back so we could run/walk together again.

Friday 6.08 at 7:43 pace (46:58 total time)

Enjoyable easy run.  The gymnastics gym has open play time for toddlers, and my sister and nephew met us there.  I was able to get some loops in the neighborhood behind the gym, while the kiddos ran off some energy.  The neighborhood is about a half mile loop.  Around lap six or seven an officer pulled up.  Apparently, someone from the neighborhood called because of an unknown person running around their neighborhood.  The officer asked why I was running so late at night, I responded “sir, its 7:30.”  I guess I appeared harmless because he let me go.  Ha!

Saturday- 15.2 miles run at 7:42 average pace (1:57:20 total time)

This was a very enjoyable morning.  I met up with some friends at a trail about 30 minutes away.  We ran 14 miles at my easy pace and then did 30 seconds of intervals of sprints and jogging for the last mile.  The weather was great, I enjoyed the company and the change of scenery.  The best part was breakfast afterward. MMMMMmmmm! Then we headed over to Lululemon and picked up our awesome surprises that we earned by completing their Strava Challenge.  I was blown away, we were able to pick a pair of shorts and top for completing at least 80 Km over two weeks!

I had a few strength exercises to complete.  I am now naming my Saturday strength training, death by push-ups.  Ha Ha!  I can do them, but I am so sore after.  My upper body consists of bones and skins. I completed two sets of planks, side planks, push-ups, skips for distance and one leg hops.  Most felt pretty comfortable, except those darn push-ups.


Sunday-7.09 miles at 7:42 pace (54:36 total time)

Super easy run, felt great.  My daughter had a slumber party at her cousins which allowed me some sleeping in time and extra coffee.  I got out the door later in the afternoon and the weather was right around 50 degrees with little wind. It was one of those great mental health runs.

Total Miles for the week was 61.1.

Looks like coach will be keeping me at similar miles next week. I plan on running a 5K next week to shake out the legs and get an idea of where my fitness is at.  Looks like we will slightly front loading the weekly miles so I can take it easier on Saturday.  I like racing frequently, it keeps my focused and helps relieve anxiety about training.

Today is 11 weeks from the Boston Marathon! I have an awesome opportunity from Lululemon I can ‘t wait to share.  Once I know more details,  I will spill!

Thank you so much for reading and following my journey. Please comment, subscribe and share

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5 thoughts on “2017 Week 4 recap- 12 weeks until Boston Marathon

  1. 11 weeks to Boston…so awesome!! Your pacing is looking strong, can’t wait to see how well you do at Boston. I like that your doing a 5k to check your fitness level. I think I need to do that.

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