2017 Week 2 Recap-14 weeks Before Boston Marathon

2017 Week 2 Recap-14 weeks Until Boston Marathon!

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

This week was a lot better compared to week 1.  I am ending the week feeling stronger and much more confident.  I was really excited to get my marathon training cycle started and begin working with my new coach.  (You can read about my decision to use a running coach here).

The “bright side” to small set-backs, such as minor injuries and illnesses. It reminds you how much you love to run.  “I don’t have to run, I get too!” Normally, I may find myself a bit whiny about running in the cold and icy conditions.  This week, I was just super excited to be healthy enough to get out and run, the conditions didn’t bother.  I actually enjoyed them. Here is my recap for the week.

*If you missed my week 1 recap, you can read it here.  Not much to read, I was pretty ill and missed a large chunk of running.

  • Monday-Treadmill 5.17 miles @ 8:27 pace (43:41)
    • Met up with some awesome friends for a 5 am run. Thank goodness, because I am not a fan of treadmills. I wanted to be able to hop on and off if I was having any breathing issues. I had a bit of a lingering cough and needed stop and use the inhaler.  Overall I still felt very tired but I was happy to be feeling well enough to run again.

  • Tuesday- Road Run around the neighborhood.5.25 miles @ 7:38 pace (40:01)
    • Oh man, what a difference a day makes. This was really a day and a half because I ran in the evening.  I felt so much better.  I was able to run comfortable after pre-treating with my inhaler.  I was pretty sad when the run was over. Normally, I would keeping going but I knew my coach wants me to keep the runs easy so I can push on my speed work/quality runs.


  • Wednesday-My first workout, woohoo! 2 miles warm up, 6 x mile repeats with 1 minute rest, 4x200m sprints and cool down. (Repeats 6:02,6:11,6:05,6:06,6:02,6:11)
    • Started out feeling pretty iffy, I was pretty drained through out the work day. I was coughing a lot during and after the warm up. A cough drop from a friend helped out tremendously.  Wednesdays I like to join KC Running Company, group runs.  I asked some of the regulars to tag along, and I am so thankful they did. I was able to hit my paces, and the company made the workout a lot more enjoyable. I was a tad bit ahead of my target paces for this workout. I am thinking, it was partly because my legs felt fresh after the time off.  I like doing workouts in groups, I usually suffer less and perform better. I will need to get some of my speed workouts in also, but I enjoy the company and extra push when I can get it.

  • Thursday-6.05 miles @ 8:06 pace(49:05)
    • Working on following my own advice and slowing doing my easy runs. (read about it here) I had to slow myself down a few times, but I felt great. I didn’t need to use my inhaler at all and was feeling like myself again.  Yippee!

  • Friday – 12 miles @ 7:59 pace (1:35:45)
    • We had an ice storm moving in, and schools let out two hours early. Since I am a teacher, I got to leave early too. I decided to meet up with a friend at a park close by.  We wanted to try and squeeze some miles in before the ice storm came in.  I just wasn’t sure how this ice storm would affect my weekend running.  We ended up getting 12 miles in, felt really good, no problems with ice. I definitely enjoyed the extra time off.


  • Saturday-8.12 miles @ 7:56 pace (1:04:25)
    • We woke up with a thin layer of ice on the ground.  Most of the roads were okay to travel on, the sidewalks were a solid sheet of ice.  We had a group of runners that met at one of our local trails (non-technical). My friend added screws to my shoes (you can read about screwing your shoes here), which made a huge difference.  I am surprised we were able to run so comfortably. My favorite part was breakfast after!

  • Sunday- Treadmill 6 miles 7:50 pace (47:00)
    • I wasn’t sure if the ice conditions would get worse. So I met up with a couple friends at the gym and we were able to enjoy coffee after.  I may enjoy eating breakfast and coffee after my weekend runs just a tad more than the runs themselves. I hate the treadmill, so while my pace looks like I kept it in the “easy” range I didn’t do so well the last two miles.  I kept cranking the pace lower and lower to help get it over with. I have some sort of mental block with treadmills. I just don’t like them.


I am a very anxious person, and that transfers into my running a lot.  Normally, an illness or set back sends me spiraling because I am too much of a control freak.  Having a coach, really helped me keep my cool this week.  It’s week 2 of training and I am feeling pretty confident that I made the right decision. I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Today is 91 days until Boston Marathon, 13 Weeks.  I’d say overall my training is on the right track.  I haven’t set any goals yet, I want to see how my training cycle goes.  How about you? How was your week? Do you have any big goals or races coming up?

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4 thoughts on “2017 Week 2 Recap-14 weeks Before Boston Marathon

  1. Holy schnikes!!! That’s a whole lotta running! I’m exhausted just reading! Way to get those miles in after being sick. I’m (well, was) a teacher too 🙂 and I’m a wife and a mom, and an avid runner. Now if only I can run your paces….. 😀

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    1. That’s awesome, so many runner friends are teachers. I think it’s because we are a goal oriented crew. Plus, it helps us run off the crazy haha. Thanks for the comment

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    1. Dreadmills are a necessary evil for me. I don’t know why, but its so much harder to push the pace on a treadmill. I feel a little out of control as the speed increases. Thanks for reading!


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